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Champagne!  That’s what I’ve decided to make of life.  For years I lived by the saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade or if you’re like me, a lemon martini!  A few years ago life happened and I decided to "happen back to life".   I had a paradigm shift and realized; life doesn’t only give you lemons.  Life gives you a variety of things, the good, the bad and the beautiful…just like champagne.  Champagne is made from a variety of grapes deriving from the Champagne region of France but the outcome is something you simply enjoy.

So now that you know my optimistic approach to life you’ll understand so much more about me.  I am a thirty-something year old woman living life to the fullest.  I hold a couple of degrees and certificates. I have accomplished a lot in life but none of them hold a candle to my greatest gift.  I am the mother of one tenacious daughter and doggie mom to the friendliest Shichon you will ever meet.  I was born and raised in the greatest borough on Earth (Brooklyn stand up!) but my roots begin in the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

I love traveling, reading, writing, singing, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying my favorite meal…BRUNCH.  I have coupled most of my loves together and present to you Brunch with Tee.  This is our safe space. We will laugh until our belly hurts, talk about everything from unicorns to world news, cry tears of joy and pain, celebrate each other, encourage each other, and pursue our journey to our greatest self.  So grab your champagne glass, hot chocolate, coffee or tea and let’s toast to us!


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