It's launch day!  I am so excited and happy you all stopped by.

I live to quote lines from a movie.  I will replay a movie or search the internet for the script to ensure that I am quoting the line verbatim.  I couldn't think of a better intro than the greeting Bernie Mac gave in The Kings of Comedy.

Brown remember that breathless pause Sydney had when she realized Dre wasn't really inquiring into when she fell in love with hip hop but rather when she fell in love with him?  That's me!

You don't remember?  Here you go.

Tee, when did you fall in love with brunch? *Taye Diggs' voice*

Truth be told I fell in love when I realized brunch was more than a meal.  My good girlfriends and I would make plans during the week to hit up a brunch spot on Sunday.  The spot would usually include unlimited adult beverages, fried chicken and sometimes booty-shaking music.  When Sunday came we would put on one of our cute outfits, grab our car keys and head to the meetup.  At first brunch was nothing more than a "buppie"  movement, the 21st century "it" thing, but brunch quickly evolved into so much more.

Brunch became less about the food and more about the fellowship.  Around the table we talked about our wins and losses, joys and pains, school and careers, kids and significant others.  We shared hopes and dreams, laughter and tears, planned business moves and family vacations.  We were still fly, still cute but we had found so much more.  Brunch became to my generation what family dinners around the table were for my parents' generation.

We all need that space, our "brunch", a place where we can unload and regroup.  Where everyone knows your name and they are always glad you came.  All week long we are all things to all people but when Sunday comes, even if just for a few moments, it will be all about us.

That's what this blog will be, a virtual brunch.  We'll gather every Sunday and share a topic.  I may host a weekday brunch from time to time if there's a matter that arises that calls for us to gather at the table.  Right here in our sacred space we will form a community.  Don't worry, there will always be room for you at the table.  We will serve up everything and anyone (because sometimes people need to be dragged and read for filth).  I'll sign off of every post by saying "Always Clinking".  The clink is the sound our glasses will make as we toast to us and to life.  It'll be my way of saying peace, much love, forward...always and Ase!

When did I fall in love with brunch you asked?  When I realized brunch was a part of my lifestyle, my tradition, my culture.

Comment below and tell me, when did you fall in love with brunch?

Always Clinking,